“As a martial artist that has studied multiple styles, Seni Ki Ryu adds a breath of fresh air to the traditional arts that have been around for decades. With its hybrid system of techniques blended with the traditional style of Kempo, it accommodates a wider range of student that have had previous martial arts experience and enables them to adapt quickly to the style. I am looking forward to my instructor journey with the club.”

Paul Martin,

“Martial arts have changed my life. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a way to get physically fit, learn self-defence and release everyday stress.”

J. Hostler,

“Seni Ki Ryu is a great martial art and i really enjoy it. I have made loads of friends through it who i would not have met otherwise and i have definitely noticed my stamina and fitness levels rise significantly. now, as i am about to head for black belt, I feel that I can handle more responsibility in classes and at school and i just feel better in myself.”

Imogen Grant,

“Being a part of Seni Ki Ryu has been a huge part of my life, I am learning to defend myself, it keeps me fit, I have made some very good friends since being a member and Penny is an inspiration to all female Martial Artists as I hope to achieve my Black Belt by my 45th birthday”

Lorraine Dougan,