Why Choose Seni Ki Ryu?

The Seni Ki Ryu program is designed to be accessible to as many people as possible, the course is capable of providing a full introduction in the world of martial arts to complete beginners, teaching self-control, discipline, confidence and respect. All this whilst providing valuable fitness workouts through martial arts to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Through the physical nature of Seni Ki Ryu, you will become fitter as you get off the sofa and take part in training sessions which involves shield-work, self defence and circuit training drills which all help to build stamina and improve your techniques and abilities.

As your martial arts skills become more refined, you will be taught advanced techniques and routines such as combat sparring (semi contact), weapons training (bo-staff, nanchaku) and ground work so you can expand your own knowledge and ability the longer you train.

Seni Ki Ryu aims to encourage people to become more active and fitter through advanced martial arts techniques. At Seni Ki Ryu, not only will you learn how to defend yourself but you will become fitter and stronger whilst making new friends and having a good time. Total beginners welcomed do not be intimidated! Come along for a FREE trail class!

Instructor Training Program (A Career In Martial Arts)


groupThe instructor training program (ITP) operated by Seni Ki Ryu is a complete training program. Giving you all practical, academic and business management training as well as the accredited qualifications required to run successful schools.

ITP students are taught the full Seni Ki Ryu system, and each and every aspect of the martial arts business. With investment in this type of training an ITP student could then go on to become a successful school owner and have a rewarding career in martial arts.

Seni Ki Ryu is a recognized martial art and an established member of the 3,000 strong British Kempo Federation working under the guidance of Shihan Terry Coughtrey   – 7th Dan in the British Kempo Federation. Terry started training in 1969 in Karate with Maji Suzuki and moved on to Kempo Ju-Jitsu he has taught his unique style all over the world.

Teaching British and American Special Forces Including the British and International Police forces and is a certified Trainer and Instructor in A.S.P and Rigid Hand Cuff, Firearms and hand-to-hand combat.

Terry has also worked in the security industry and in Close Protection for many years, and has an all-round knowledge of personal protection.