Seni Ki Ryu Martial Arts is a Hybrid Style which is a composite of traditional and modern martial arts. Seni Ki Ryu have designed a system that combines the most effective techniques from traditional martial arts styles with the latest cutting edge self-protection and fitness training.


At Seni Ki Ryu you will learn a variety of disciplines, at the lower level you will learn
general defence. Whilst at the higher level there is training in Bo Staffs, defence against knife
and stick attacks, group attacks etc.

It does not matter how young or old you are or even how fit - as over the weeks you will
naturally build up stamina, flexibility and overall fitness.

At Seni Ki Ryu you will not only learn a recognised martial art and get fit. You
will also become more self-confident, increase your self-belief, learn discipline and respect whilst making new friends.


Seni Ki Ryu Instructors are DBS Checked, Trained Child Protection Officers and Qualified in Paediatric First-Aid For Working Safely with Children.